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Adeept DIY Electric Ultimate Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino UNO R3 with Guidebook Processing FreeShipping Book diykit


This is a brand Ultimate Sensor Kit for Arduino (including the UNO R3 board), with a complete set of Arduino’s most common and useful senor modules.The kit has 44 sensor modules packing in a beautiful plastic box.We’ve also prepared a tutorial (PDF) for you. For each module, there is clear connection diagram,Fritzing breadboard images and sample code.

We believe with this Sensor Modules + software support , you are able to become expert programmer ( developer ) very soon . so don’t wast time , just get this kit , and start your project right away ! 
We will send you all the files(schematic,code,learning lessons,specification,etc) to your email address when you get the board. Please contact us by email if you need it urgently. We also provide technical support. We are glad to solve the problem you meet when you use this kit.
We provide the following lessons for now. More lessons will be added in the future.
About Arduino    
Lesson 1 Blinking LED    
Lesson 2 Controlling an LED by a Button
Lesson 3 Controlling an RGB LED by PWM    
Lesson 4 Potentiometer Module    
Lesson 5 Vibration Sensor Module    
Lesson 6 Hall Sensor Module    
Lesson 7 Photoresistor Module    
Lesson 8 Thermistor Module    
Lesson 9 DS18B20 Module    
Lesson 10 Active Buzzer    
Lesson 11 Passive Buzzer    
Lesson 12 PIR Sensor    
Lesson 13 LCD1602 Display    
Lesson 14 IIC Interface Module    
Lesson 15 Touch Button    
Lesson 16 Rotary Encoder    
Lesson 17 Limit Switch    
Lesson 18 Laser Transmitter    
Lesson 19 Laser Receiver    
Lesson 20 DHT-11    
Lesson 21 Reed Module    
Lesson 22 Flame Sensor    
Lesson 23 MQ-2 Gas Sensor    
Lesson 24 Line Finder Module    
Lesson 25 Slide Potentiometer Module    
Lesson 26 DC Motor Module    
Lesson 27 Joystick Module    
Lesson 28 MIC Module    
Lesson 29 Relay Module    
Lesson 30 Segment Display Module    
Lesson 31 8*8 LED Matrix Module    
Lesson 32 LED Bar Module    
Lesson 33 IR Receiver Module    
Lesson 34 Soil Moisture Sensor Module    
Lesson 35 Water Level Sensor Module    
Lesson 36 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module


Component List:
1x Arduino compatible UNO R3 
4x LED Module
4x Button Module
1x RGB LED Module
1x Potentiometer Module
1x Vibration Sensor Module
1x Hall Sensor Module
1x Photoresistor Module
1x Thermistor Module
1x DS18B20 Module
1x Active Buzzer Module
1x Passive Buzzer Module
1x PIR Sensor Module
1x LCD1602 Module
1x IIC Interface Module
1x Touch Button Module
1x Rotary Encoder Module
1x Limit Switch Module
1x Laser Transmitter Module
1x Laser Receiver Module
1x DHT-11 Sensor Module
1x Reed Module
1x Flame Sensor Module
1x MQ-2 Gas Sensor Module
1x Line Finder Module
1x Slide Potentiometer Module
1x DC Motor Module
1x Joystick Module
1x MIC Module
1x Relay Module
1x Segment Display Module
1x 8×8 LED Matrix Module
1x LED Bar Module
1x IR Receiver Module
1x Remote Controller
1x CM Module
1x Soil Moisture Sensor Module
1x Water Level Sensor Module
1x Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Module
8x 3-Pin Wires
5x 4-Pin Wires
3x 5-Pin Wires
1x USB cable
1x Hookup Wire Set 
1x 2-Pin Female to Female Wires
20x Male to Female Jumper Wires 
1x Header (40 pin)
1x Breadboard 
1x Band Resistor Card




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