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Suction Cup Mount – Quick Release for GoPro Go Pro HD HERO4 / HERO3 / HERO3+ 2 1


High-quality, multi-function handle / stand with suction cup, is the perfect product for stable GoPro camera mounting to most flat surfaces, such as glass, wall of buildings, windows in car, etc.
1 Handle is designed specifically for GoPro cameras
2 Two adjustable heads allow to a full control of the camera position in the range of 180 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically (no other brackets with suction cup give that option).
3 Attaching a quick-release plate, allowing quick instalation and removal of the camera from tripod.
The tripod has a suction cup with a diameter of 68mm, which ensures secure and stable mounting of GoPro cameras even in very unfavorable (eg, strong wind).
Tripod head has a special quick release plate, where you can quickly and easily put a camera GoPro. Simply slip the camera attached to a standard quick release (factory bracket) until it locks in the harbor. The camera will be firmly fixed, and if we want to take it out, just release the lock. This ensures a very secure, robust and fast mounting GoPro cameras in the holder.


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